New planet Discovered

December 19, 2014

This is the first picture taken by my friend the Polar Jungle, of a newly discovered planet! Looks to be made of liquid methane with traces of CO2 in it’s upper atmosphere. NASA has been knocking down his door for an interview but the only quote he is releasing to the public is, “Breh…” We’ll see how this story develops, but for now, enjoy this amazing photograph of a world you’ve never imagined.astronomy_polar_jungle_lackluster_life_neptune_saturn_telescope_new_world_discovered_

Pretty Video

December 18, 2014

It strangely hurts my heart that no one has really heard this song off our ‘Advisory Act’ jump off. I recorded the vocals for this song, making the words up as I went, in two takes right after I had gotten back from running up and down these stairs I like to visit from time to time. I had recently watched the documentary of Bob Marley. He talked about always playing soccer AFTER smoking weed and THEN playing music. That resonated with me because I have always felt the same way. I came back from a run and was thinking about some past conversations and just went straight into recording the vocals. Not to kill the mystery of the song for yall but I’ve always found this funny: I was wearing these shitty sweat pant shorts I made myself, running shoes, and no shirt when I put this down. That killed the mystery huh? Fugg…Anyway, I love that the video the Polar Jungle did for us on this one. It matched so perfectly in texture, color, and motion and holds a lot of magic. By far my favorite piece from that collection of songs and I hope yall find it of instinctual interest.

process and parallels

December 17, 2014

Brian Chu spent a month in Austraila hanging around some pretty cool artists. Here’s his short piece that allows us to check out some of the people he got to know while over there.


December 16, 2014

This photo by Lane Coder sums up my feeling of today. I have a bunch of stuff that can be done but I feel like I just want to watch it. Like I want someone else to do it for me. Making things can be such an isolating feeling but most times all you have to do is dive in and paddle hard and let your intuition take it from there.lane_coder_photography_brooklyn_new_york_portraits_beautiful_ocean_surf_culture

Crashing Hotels Rooftop hang

December 13, 2014

My band, Crashing Hotels, got asked to shoot a real quick video on top of this roof in SF the other day. The blog is called Souls of San Francisco and they just wanted us to play one of our songs super casual. I decided to play our song ‘Polaroid’ because I really love playing that song at shows and thought it would be fun to have a slowed and stripped down version of it for people to digest. Shit was fun.

Misty Mornings

December 12, 2014

Jenny Kim is a hairdresser friend of mine based out of Australia who has had her work grace the pages of publications such as Vogue Australia, Russh, and Country Road just to name a few. She was actually the person who made me switch from boxers to boxer briefs many years back when her and Felicity, from Six Wolves, would give me shit for still wearing boxers. Being from Colorado, I’m a sucker for a beautiful forrest shots that take me back to when I was a kid playing cops and robbers in the thick of the trees. This shot definitely did that for me and shows just how visually tuned in Jenny is. Whether it be behind the hair of high fashion or behind a camera… Jenny is a visual artist, in rare format.jenny_kim_hair_stylist_new_zeland_forrest_mist_photography_trees_nature_fog_

Eccentric Billionaire

December 10, 2014

It’s an Eccentric Billionaire kind of day with this massive storm looming off the coast of the Northern Pacific I felt it only fitting to allow another sort of storm to surge against y’alls ear drums.

George Maple: Talk Talk

December 8, 2014

Some really beautiful stuff being put together by our friends over at Six Wolves agency out of Los Angeles and Sydney. This one really stood out to me because I’d love to see it printed. Something tells me this one in particular would look amazing in my hallway when lit by a slice of a full Moon. This was a casting job for the hauntingly beautiful George Maple video, ‘Talk Talk’. I think they did an amazing job with the male lead in this one and their hard work really allowed the song to come alive visually. six_wolves_photography_newyork_los_angeles_sydney_black_and_white_art_man_in_woods

TALK TALK – George Maple from Christopher Miles on Vimeo.

A moment away from it all

December 5, 2014

Brian Chu recently took a month for himself to absorb into Australia. We both strangely reached the same conclusion awhile back: we need a different view on things, we need to shake things up a bit. I headed to South East Asia and Japan while Brian landed on some of the oldest soil known to Earth. Here’s a beautiful video he put together from that experience.

To a God Unknown l Melbourne 2014 from Brian Chu on Vimeo.


Art Work Rebels

December 2, 2014

I never thought about posting pictures of tattoos but, Gordon Combs really has given me no choice. Everything I see from this dude since I met him a year or so ago back at Ralph Gracie/Kurt Osiander Jiu Jitsu  has been nothing but complete HEAT and somehow seems to be getting better and better. I love his distinct style and use of color in his pieces. I love how smooth everything comes off as if it were lit from the inside by a 60w light bulb. If you’re in the market for a color tattoo, brows Gordon’s portfolio and take a ticket.gordon_combs_AWR_art_work_rebels_tattoo_portland_san_francisco_seventh_son_tattoo_ralph_graci_kurt_osiander_art_

Fly me to the Moon

December 1, 2014

I had to get back into some of Terry Barentsen’s skate flicks because they just make me feel good. Most of the time, while walking around the city and seeing people skateboarding I think to myself, “Is anybody actually good at skating anymore?” and when I check out Terry’s photos I’m always like… “Yuup.”terrybarentsen_skate_board_san_francisco_skaters_big_air_down_town_west_coast_surf

Days, Years, and Samples

November 25, 2014

I found myself last night, where I haven’t been in quite some years. Sitting in my room hunting for sounds that mean something to me. It’s strange how this all works. You hunt for hours, days, years, without knowing if what you’ll catch will mean the same to you once you’re out of the context of sampling and in the zone of producing. I’ve gone months (accumulated time) without finding anything that made me feel different. But I’ve also sat down and the first song off the first record I looked at gave me chills. Last night was fun because I found a super hidden sample off of an even more obscure record that I instantly recognized. It was from the song, ‘The Crayon Sharpener’ by Themselves. You’ll hear the sample throughout the entire song. Hope y’all dig it (pun intended).

fin: a 2 week retrospective

November 22, 2014

The Polar Jungle.polar_jungle_lacklusterlife_photography_san_francisco_inner_city_mission_dolores_park_clouds_selfie_self_portrait

Wrong turn: a 2 week retrospective

November 21, 2014

I’ve been grinding hard at learning a lot more about sound design. I had to get a Wacom tablet so that my body could keep up with my 12 hour sessions. Sometimes these journeys feel like there is no point to any of this because I come out with absolutely nothing to show for it. That’s when I just started deleting everything I work on. I figured it was much easier to know that I wasn’t working to keep something but rather, I was practicing how to practice. It’s funny, once I started doing that I started finding my way around the woods much better.polar_jungle_lacklusterlife_photography_san_francisco_inner_city_mission_dolores_park_clouds_train_tracks