Days, Years, and Samples

November 25, 2014

I found myself last night, where I haven’t been in quite some years. Sitting in my room hunting for sounds that mean something to me. It’s strange how this all works. You hunt for hours, days, years, without knowing if what you’ll catch will mean the same to you once you’re out of the context of sampling and in the zone of producing. I’ve gone months (accumulated time) without finding anything that made me feel different. But I’ve also sat down and the first song off the first record I looked at gave me chills. Last night was fun because I found a super hidden sample off of an even more obscure record that I instantly recognized. It was from the song, ‘The Crayon Sharpener’ by Themselves. You’ll hear the sample throughout the entire song. Hope y’all dig it (pun intended).

fin: a 2 week retrospective

November 22, 2014

The Polar Jungle.polar_jungle_lacklusterlife_photography_san_francisco_inner_city_mission_dolores_park_clouds_selfie_self_portrait

Wrong turn: a 2 week retrospective

November 21, 2014

I’ve been grinding hard at learning a lot more about sound design. I had to get a Wacom tablet so that my body could keep up with my 12 hour sessions. Sometimes these journeys feel like there is no point to any of this because I come out with absolutely nothing to show for it. That’s when I just started deleting everything I work on. I figured it was much easier to know that I wasn’t working to keep something but rather, I was practicing how to practice. It’s funny, once I started doing that I started finding my way around the woods much better.polar_jungle_lacklusterlife_photography_san_francisco_inner_city_mission_dolores_park_clouds_train_tracks

Unsure Future: A 2 week retrospective

November 20, 2014

Walked out of the Tiny Telephone recording studio last night while 2 dudes with no brains decided to call me a nigger over and over again. It was weird because everyone at the studio was super cool and I met so many people I’d easily hangout with again. I suppose it’s just how it goes sometimes but man, how nice would it be to live in a world with no static. I suppose art would be a lot different. We’d lose out on that feeling of rising about the gloom, so, I guess it wouldn’t be that fun huh?polar_jungle_lacklusterlife_photography_san_francisco_inner_city_mission_dolores_park_clouds_computer_screen

The Birds: A 2 week retrospective

November 19, 2014

I love that these pictures of the Northern Pacific always look very post-human existence. I always look at these photos through the lens of a world unfit for Man. By the time we are shook from our home and left for the trees to digest the sky will sob with color. All those motors we needed for ourselves, all those little weird hunks of metal taking us to the beach for the afternoon. Those are the things that allowed the birds to take flight. polar_jungle_lacklusterlife_photography_san_francisco_inner_city_mission_dolores_park_clouds_big_foot_birds_gloom_storm_ocean_life

Water! Finally : a 2 week retrospective

November 18, 2014

The Rain has finally come. The traffic has finally slowed. The urine has finally found itself running yet again. There’s so much rain right now, you coul hang 10 off your neighbors house. polar_jungle_lacklusterlife_photography_san_francisco_inner_city_mission_dolores_park_clouds_surfing_surf_culture_movies_projector

Big Foot : a 2 week retrospective

November 17, 2014

I simply love this photo because it reminds me of all the Big Foot images we use to get to see in the tabloids back in the day. I love being scared. I love being confused. This photo does both to me. Oh how cold that Northern Pacific looks.

Planet X : a 2 week retrospective

November 16, 2014

I love looking at this picture and telling myself it’s a newly discovered planet with salt water, same atmospheric composition, no plastics, and affordable housing. I imagine Jet Streams running north to south as well as east to west. I tell myself people have patience on that planet, women don’t have to constantly be aware of who’s around them. After 5 or so minutes, I find myself in an interesting thought: Huh… what should I get for lunch? polar_jungle_lacklusterlife_photography_san_francisco_inner_city_mission_dolores_park_clouds_sun_rise_jet_stream

Home : A 2 week retrospective

November 15, 2014

My band the SF Electro Pop Fest last night and for me, it felt like this picture. We were in that place of being completely lost in the back of our heads, letting whatever put us hear, drive for awhile. They set food in front of a farm dog and we ate. They jump around on stage trying to sell cars, or maybe they were selling something else, the purpose was unclear. But never can sacrifice be mistaken. When you have to climb a mountain just to find your house. You know what home is. polar_jungle_lacklusterlife_photography_san_francisco_inner_city_mission_dolores_park_clouds_house_farm_clouds_fog_nature

Dark light: a 2 week retrospective

November 14, 2014

Singularity : A 2 week retrospective

November 13, 2014

Working 12 hour days on a single project that is completely up to you to see through to the end. Not knowing how it will be received or if it will even make it to the finish line. Why would you ever do this to yourself? You have so many options. Maybe because we are 80% water and water’s rhythms can’t be predicted nor stopped. Sometimes our waves break while no one witnesses. Sometimes, that’s the true reason for the project in the first place.

Before Us: a 2 week retrospective

November 12, 2014

Carbon dioxide, the residual exhalation of our iron horses. The oceans, still sloshing along in their heavy calm. Our star, Sun. Burning until it engulfs the beach and every single hidden treasure we never ended up finding.

The Polar Jungle : A 2 week retrospective

November 11, 2014

I’ve been uninspired to post any of the happenings of my world. I’ve been busy with personal projects and admittedly, have been under the thumb of tunnel vision. But something hit me just now, something like a drunken racial slur thrown from the frustrations of man: The Polar Jungle is beyond talented when it comes to fucking with 35mm or an iPhone 4. This long brewing realization has given me an excited purpose for the next 14 days of my life, and yours. Each day I will feature a photograph by The Polar Jungle with hopes that on the 14th day I will have tracked down the man behind some of the most interesting and beautiful photographs I’ve personally seen, so that I can give you internet surfers and exclusive interview of the artist’s personal environment. With that said… may the hunt begin.


Fright Night

November 1, 2014

With the veil between the Dead and the Living so thin tonight it’s only fitting that a friend of mine caught a killer photo of me in front of a murderous house. SECThalloween_san_francisco_fright_night_horror_lacklusterlife_cali