Midnight Flower

October 21, 2014

I took this photo as I was walking home one night in Shiho Kitazawa. The city was dead other than the occasional drunken businessman who was either passed out or heavily stumbling in compliance with his inner compass. I came across this stand, the woman never turned around to see who was behind her which I thought was strange. Maybe with such low crime in Japan people don’t worry about someone sneaking up on them, or maybe she didn’t hear me… Either way, it was a strange moment and I’m glad I took a picture of it.lacklusterlife_art_blog_sanfrancisco_tokyo_japan_fashion_photography_music_woman_flowers_neon   

House of the Devil

October 21, 2014

Since it’s October and I just watched one of the best scary movies in the world the other night with a group of friends who all passed out like a bunch of babies, I wanted to post this polaroid of the make over that was given to me compliments of beauty blog, The Glittered Age. They went all out and set me up with a killer make over that I’d be happy to wear everyday of my life if I didn’t have prior obligations. The whole deal was: I’d let her do as she wanted as long as I got to eat ice cream during. The photo and makeup came out amazing against the gold wall of my hallway.

Pulp Fiction and Linda Chen

October 16, 2014

A friend of mine has an aunt who was the typist and photographer behind the legendary movie, “Pulp Fiction” which has just hit it’s 20th year anniversary. It never really shocks me to hear about how talented her family is because she herself is an amazingly stunning person. Someone who you instantly feel drawn towards as if her bulb was illuminating your moth like brain. I wanted to post this because Pulp Fiction in my opinion is easily pound for pound the best movie filmed in the last 35 years and I think it will bring a smile to Sage’s face to see this random post from me today.

Sensory Deprivation

September 27, 2014

Awhile ago we went to a secret location to listen to analog real time 3D sound design in a pitch dark room. Most people left, got sick, or felt strange if they stayed the duration of the performance. This was a picture of the waiting room there. I thought the angle of the stairs and the placement of the water fountain was really cool.


Traveling so Read the Archives

September 26, 2014

I’m out and about in the world where it’s proving to be pretty tuff to find wi-fi and also making me not want to be on a computer much. So with that said, for all you new folks in Japan, Australia, France, and Indonesia checking in with the site, please look through the archives… there’s some good stuff on there. For all you folk who have been checking in, do what you want haha. I’ll get back to it in a couple of weeks or so. Thanks for messages about my where abouts and hope y’all new folk enjoy.

From the Ground up

August 30, 2014

Saw this picture from the Polar Jungle and I think it’s the one that has just gotten me excited about posting stuff again. I think about buildings a lot. When I was younger I wanted to be and engineer that did seismic retrofitting and that’s actually why SF has always been a fascination of mine. I knew they had tall buildings, big bridges, and earthquakes. This picture brought me back to middle school when I would day dream about standing under buildings and looking up, watching them stretch into the blue.transamerica_sanfrancisco_buildings_dsign_nature_citylife_downtown

Apex and a van

August 28, 2014

Haven’t posted in a little bit because I was just over it. I wasn’t feeling like putting shit up for people to look at and spend more times on their computers. I appreciate the the questions about what was going on. So here’s what’s going on APEX and the Werehaus boys got together and painted the infamous mini van that has literally seen every corner of the United States. Check the flyer and video out below and make it out Friday for a very weird gathering at the SF DMV.


Dark Electric Dance Rock

August 6, 2014

I really like that in my world, the photos I have of my best friend and me are of us in these sorts of environments. crashing_hotels_crashinghotels_bands_indyrock_rocknroll_photography_livemusicphotography_hell_lackluster_lacklusterlife_lava

Fog City

August 3, 2014

Because today is a very foggy and beautiful day. Thank you Terry Barentsen. You once again have done the work for us.

Chairlift Planet Health

July 28, 2014

Wanted to put this video by Chairlift up because I really like the foggy color that they edited it with. I thought to myself, “hmm.. that video would prolly look good on the site.” Is is so bad that I only picked this because I wanted to see how it would look on the site? I don’t think so and if you do, well then you are worrying about the wrong things in life.

I am Gangster, I am monkey

July 24, 2014

This music video is about the most embarrassing thing I can think of to show of myself. I hate that I’m in it so much. I was for some reason trying to grow a beard and an afro at the same time… not a good idea. Anyway, I had watched this Spike Lee movie with my friend Sanja and I got to thinking about how annoying the black race can be. I know it sounds like some self hate but really, it’s an observation I’ve made for years. I see so many black people just throwing in the towel before they even step into the ring and it hurts my heart. I’m not saying every black person does this, but for the most part, what you see in San Francisco…isn’t the best representation of the culture. Shortly after making this song I lost all feelings towards this type of music… I needed to do something unexpected. The reason I’m posting this today is because I got an email from someone asking about the 1865 stuff and if I was ever going to make another hip hop album. It’s crazy that I get a couple of emails a year saying something simular, all very flattering and appreciated. It makes me happy, but in reply to the very much appreciated email: No way BREH… hip hop is weird… it ain’t in my heart.

Relove Vintage

July 23, 2014

I randomly walked into Relove on Polk st. about 8 months ago and bought 4-5 pieces from the store. I typically don’t like to get more than one thing from a store because I value my random approach to fashion but this store was special. I liked it so much that I decided to interview the owner Delila Hailechristos about some random things on my mind.


Lackluster Life: I’ll start off simple. What’s your name and how was your up bringing?
Relove: My name is Delila. I was born in Ethiopia and came to the states when I was 12. My brother was at the age where he could be recruited into the army…
LLL: The US army?
RE: No, this was the Ethiopian army. There was a lot of political instability and my Mom felt like she wanted to get us out of the country and get us to somewhere safe so we moved to San Diego. We went from a pretty privileged/ comfortable life to living in San Diego in a completely different environment: We didn’t know anyone, we didn’t speak the language…
LLL: You guys didn’t speak English at that point?
RE: Nope. I [started learning] English when I was 12.
LLL: Weird, you don’t have an accent.
RE: Well they say if you learn a language before you’re 14 you won’t develop an accent.
LLL: How did you deal with being a 6th grader, new to a school that taught in a language you didn’t understand? I mean, what do you do all day?
RE:  I was obsessed with learning English because it was the summer where I knew we had to go to school and I didn’t know any English. I was determined to learn. English is actually a simple enough language, especially since I speak fluent Italian and they’re both Latin languages, I sort of aligned what they were saying. I paid super close attention and didn’t have any friends so it was easy to just focus on learning English and by the time I was in 7th grade I was writing essays in an honors English course.
LLL: That’s funny because when I think back to my middle school, the kids we thought were nerds were always the kids from other countries. And now thinking about it, they were nerds but were also the ones in honors courses and now prolly own some business we’ve all heard of.
RE: I mean yeah. Immigrant kids are under a tremendous amount of pressure because your parents make this tremendous sacrifice to bring you to this country and you have the opportunities that they never had. So it’s expected that you are going to excel in school. My Mom wasn’t crazy though. I mean she wanted us to do well in school but it wasn’t unobtainable.
LLL: How did you guys imagine America to be?
RE: I mean when you’re a kid in a 3rd world country America is this place that’s like, paved with gold. it’s gonna be cool! This land of Sylvester Stallone and Nintendo!! and it wasn’t amazing. My Mom had to really work and really struggle to raise us. We lived in a tiny studio apartment and she was putting her self through nursing school by working two jobs…like… hustlin
LLL: Damn, that’s crazy. I feel like, and not to diminish your mom’s hard work, obviously. That’s such a common story. I’m like… where’s your dad at in all of this?
RE: My Dad was in Ethiopia
LLL: He just decided to stay?
RE: He did. WEll, I mean it’s not fair to say he “decided” to stay. There was a lot of political and social reasons to why he couldn’t leave. He was kind of like collateral to ensure that we would return.
LLL: What did he do for a living?
RE: He was an engineer by trade but worked as a general contractor bidding on jobs. He would build buildings, roads, bridges, water ways, you know… that kind of thing. So yeah he stayed there and we came here and yeah… [my parents] didn’t really stay together. It’s a very long and very complicated story but yeah, life went on.
 Delilah went to the University of Minnesota because she had a sister who was in attendance there. We are talking about her experience there.
RE: That’s when I discovered drinking, partying, and doing drugs.
LLL: I mean duh! You don’t have anything to do out there!
RE: Ahh haha! And I mean, it was the first time I had my family pressure off my shoulders and I was in this place where I had the privilege of anonymity and I could be whoever I wanted. That was an incredible amount of freedom for somebody who is inclined to do things in excess.
LLL:  Haha for real…so how was that first year?
RE: It’s like my downfall… I have this brain that kind of doesn’t shut up. It’s hard to quiet my brain, so drinking and cocaine were such a great relief to find that. It was like (she takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly): I could just be. And I mean, I did well my first year. By the time I was a sophomore I had to drop out.
LLL: Why?
RE: Because I wanted to just continue to do what I was doing. I didn’t want any distractions. I had a really cool job working in this boutique thing so I had money and my sister had already graduated and moved back to California so I was there alone and I was like… Fuck it, I don’t need school. To be honest, the way I was drinking and using it [school] just couldn’t be sustained, something had to give. At that point I had this cute little job, this cool boyfriend, this cute little apartment and I could just do this. I mean, that’s what happens when you’re an addict. Your standards get lower and lower and you’re ok with getting the bare minimum.
LLL: Oh, shit… I thought you were gonna say you dropped college because it was becoming too much of a party. Not that you dropped out so that you could party more.
RE: No…no, college was just getting in the way of partying and drinking hahaha!!
LLL: Haha! fuckin A… ain’t that some shit how that all works out?! (we both burst into loud, laptop microphone red light peaking laughter.)
LLL:  So what’d you end up doing?
RE: My family got wind of what I was up to and my Mom called me and said, “You need to come home” and reluctantly… I went home. I stayed with my Mom and it took her all of about 3 weeks to see how heavily I was drinking and using and to see really how fucked up I was and she asked me to leave. I was so self absorbed and self destructive and self obsessed that I was incredulous. I was like, “how dare you, you asked me to come here!”
LLL: Yeah yeah you put me on the streets!?? You BITCH!! haha (we both burst out in even louder laughter than previously)
LLL: So what happened?
RE:  I ended up saying something to her that I’ll never forget. She was using the God thing. Like how dare I deface God and how disrespectful I am to my body, which God gave me and God and God and God. Right before I walked out the door I turned around and said, “you remember that I have a God as well.”  Then I went to the place all heros go when they fall: Grandmas.
I wen’t off on this thought about star formation and human awareness and how some people are good at self regulating and others, not so much.
LLL: Would you say you’re a woman of science, mathematics, or sheer luck? Do you believe in aliens?
RE: Umm I mean what is a belief? What the fuck does it matter what I believe? A belief doesn’t create anything.
LLL: A belief can create fear and stifle you from moving forward. If you believe there is a swarm of African Yellow Jackets behind a door and you hold it as a strong belief, you’re not gonna walk through that door.
RE: But belief has nothing to do with fact so my belief in god doesn’t create God or my disbelief doesn’t dissipate God. It essentially just a fragment of my imagination. What’d you ask me again?
LLL: Do you believe that you are making all of this happen or do you think this has already been programmed and the sequence is just running it course?
RE: Yes, my ambition and my intuition and my self discipline… you know, all the things that are in my part to do, are my part to do. But then there’s all sorts of unexplainable alignments in order for this to come to fruition that have nothing to do with me. So do I think I can have an idea and create an idea without ever having to rely on something that is divine and outside of myself? No. But my spiritual belief is to align myself with those forces so that I’m not against this force and since then… life has become so much easier. But it’s still my responsibility to swim.
LLL: For sure. Of course. When you have an obsession I feel like it means so much more to the obsessor than what one would obviously think. Like for me, I understand my talents, I understand them as obsessions because I feel different when I can’t practice them. But to some other dude in a band, he may like to play because it gets him attention and some girls. But for me, it’s a deep desire to travel, meet people, get feelings, get weirded out, get inspired, get scared.. stuff like that. It’s a desire to feel something.
RE: Yeah! I mean I don’t think there are any gifts that are meant to be just self glorification. With this store I wanted to create this beautiful space where people could come as an idea of connecting through creativity, fashion, ideas, recycling, and true personal style. The clothes were just like, secondary.
LLL: Ok I’m just gonna say it. I feel like for women the new cool goal in life is to have a vintage store.
RE: Haha! Has it really become stereotypical?
LLL: I mean I feel like it has. But I’m in the same boat. Look at me… the other day this dude came up to me and was like, “are you a Hasidic Hipster?” I was annoyed because the word ‘hipster’. To me hipster is a follower, someone that has no mind of their own. A hipster is a no thought shell of a being. And for someone to come to me and be like, “oh you’re a hipster” I’m like, “no I’m the dude that those fucks are looking at… I am the god damn fruit bowl and these fuckers are sketching me!” (we both burst into the loudest laughter of the night) But I feel like you would have the same problem with every girl wanting to be, “vintage”. LIke I’m not saying you are guilty of the crime but, what has struck you so deeply that it made you rest on, “vintage”?
RE: Well honestly, back in the early 90′s I’ve had a pretty pronounced personal style and it’s always came from inspirations in thrift stores. I never liked shopping at malls, I’m a huge advocate of personal style. I mean I follow brands and designers but only ones I really think are doing something cool.
LLL: Who would that be?
RE: Haider Ackermann is doing some really cool stuff. I think Mary Kate and Ashley doing The Row.
LLL: Isn’t it crazy how those two were little babies on TV and how they actually turned out to be something substantial. I feel that’s so rare in Hollywood.
RE: Yeah but… I’ve always worn vintage. It was never a question, that’s just how it was/is. It’s like for you, you weren’t like, “oh I’m a musician… what type of music should I make?” it was never really a decision. I feel like I was tailor made for this.
RE: This is going to sound offensive.
LLL: Good.
RE: I don’t think there’s much courage in living a life that you think you’re supposed to live rather than one you want to live. I mean we really live in a place where you look around and people really do look similar. Everybody’s in a fucking North Face jacket and kakis I mean what the hell San Francisco?! There’s no courage in blending in. People walk into a store like mine and they want permission to be be pushed. Like in terms of fashion I’ll be walking down the street and see girls wearing the same outfit… the same fucking outfit. There’s no courage in this. Push yourself to live a little authentic, I’m not saying you gotta go full on like Ao or whatever… Just a little. I see girls trying on things with their friends and they are asking for their approval…Me? I don’t show anybody shit! I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!
LLL: Yeah it’s sad… I was talking to a friend the other night and they were like “why you so anti social?” and I was like, “I’m not antisocial, you just have to understand, the out come of me being myself and doing what ever the fuck I want to do is having people come up to me and treat me like a zoo animal.” They touch my hair, they ask me if my hair is real, they’ll ask me what I am. It’s crazy boring out there.
LLL: So what’s next?
RE: I see it as a place where people come to trade, connect, talk fashion, talk art, maybe we’ll open another store. Want to let it be it’s own thing and breath it’s own life but I think Oakland needs a Relove, you know?
LLL: Yup, you guys have a perfect package going on so yeah… sounds sick.

Science and or Fiction

July 22, 2014

I love this shot from Lane Coder because of it’s disconnected lighting. The blown out window combined with the models lay gives this whole thing a feeling of being in a trance. I’ve been feeling like a zombie these days because I’ve just been addicted to practicing music…at times I find myself not even really playing anything that makes sense… I’ll zone out for 5 or so minutes and when I come back to reality it’s just a lot of noise. I’ve always made music like that. It’s like learning how to be unconscious while being aware of your unconscious state. Anyway…this picture gives me that same feeling.


on our way to hell

July 18, 2014

Last night someone came up to me and said, “I listened to your music…really different sounding stuff… it’s like, you’re in a dance party on your way to Hell.” I really got a kick out of that because this person had been thinking about how to sum up the sound and I think it’s beautiful when art makes people think and travel within their own head. Fast forward a couple of hours and I’m walking down the street with some friends and I see what you see below… I instantly felt like I was in a dance party on my way to hell. Things have been aligning with me like crazy these days… so much so that if I were to speak honestly about it, I’d lose credibility. This world is ran by invisible aliens. I’m so thankful we get along.paxton_gate_paxtongate_sanfrancisco_valencia_design_horses_unicornes_neon_citylights_lights_lightshow_nightlife_art_culture_lackluster_purpledrink